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Mechanical Horse

HEC are very proud to announce a very important new addition to our team - HEC-TOR our 15.2hh Racewood horse riding simulator.


Hec-tor is a fully interactive life-size horse who walks, trots and canters in various speeds.

The addition of Hec-tor to our team will allow us to offer a variety of lessons for different levels of rider.


Horse Simulators can be used as an instructional aid for novices and experienced riders alike. We can offer posture and position analysis, strengthening of riding muscles, introducing a new movement safely to more novice riders, no stirrup/rein work,  nervous riders, and riders with a disability.
Also with the addition of a calorie counter, rider fitness / workouts are a bonus!


Hec-tor is available to our clients who ride with us on a regular basis, but will also be open to riders from the outside who perhaps own their own horse & have something specific they would like to work on, or work on developing core strength, Hec-tor offers something for all levels of rider!



Mechanical horse racewood simulator
Mechanical Horse Yorkshire


We will be offering use of Hec-tor within our standard riding lessons if the instructor feels this will benefit the riders progression. 

One off lessons are priced at £39/30min. Or weekday special offer before 4pm £30/30min.


If you are interested in a session on Hec-tor we are happy to take bookings from outside customers. 


mechanical horse yorkshire posture and position analysis
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